iSi® Funnel & Sieve

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iSi® heavyweight stainless steel funnel holds a capacity of 1.5 pints (3 cups) and includes a fine mesh sieve that easily connects and disconnects, allowing for easy straining of pulp, seeds and particulates to avoid clogging iSi canisters. However, the sieve can be used with any liquid you want to remove small lumps and particles from or can be used for sifting dry ingredients.
1 Funnel & 1 Sieve
Certifications & Dietary Attributes


Funnel: Height 3-13/16" x Length (includes handle) 7-5/18" x Diameter 6-1/4"

Sieve: Heigtht 2-3/4" x Length 13-1/4" x Diameter 7"

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