Eco To-Go Container - Large


These large biodegradable and compostable to-go containers and lids are environmentally responsible insulated packaging. Made of recycled pulp cellulose and ingeo film, these sturdy solutions hold up to 1000 grams of frozen dessert maintaining a sustainable temperature to help prevent melting. Off-white in color. Lightly textured surface. Lids come with fold-over flaps that allow the lids to fit snuggly on the container. Lids and containers come in the same case.

100 containers
Certifications & Dietary Attributes


Overall (container and lid together): 3-1/4" H x 10-5/16" L x 6-1/6" W

Container: 2-7/16" H x 10" L x 5-1/2" W

Lid: 1" H x 10-5-16" L x 6-1/6" W

Capacity in grams: 1000

Capacity in cc: 1300